Mayland Long
"Two things I have ever respected are warmth and the ability to sit still."
Canon: Tea With The Black Dragon
Arrival date: 17 December 2010
Programmed Possession: James Herald Hotel Rooms
Age: Looks somewhere between 40 and 60. Is far older.
Journal: username
Tag: mayland long
Player: Dien

Mayland Long is a former Chinese dragon, in human form against his will for the last six years, and he is on a quest for philosophical enlightenment.


Height: 5' 8"

Weight: about 130 lbs.

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown; appear gold in certain lights

Skin: Dark brown

Distinguishing physical marks: The aforementioned eyes, and abnormally long fingers


Long is stronger and faster than a human of his build should be. He is a multi-linguist and highly intelligent. He appears to have heightened resistance to pain/injury as well as some recuperative abilities. He has heightened physical senses, and his eyes glow in the dark.


Long. Har de har har.

Extremely truncated personal history:

Long was once known as Oolong, the Black Dragon, and was indeed an imperial dragon of the Chinese variety-- "thirty yards long and solid black, with a head like a chrysanthemum." He is some five thousand years old, give or take a stray century. At some point in his existence, he became fascinated by the human quest for 'truth', and resolved to discover this truth himself. The dragon's search took him the length and breadth of the world, and even to Hell itself when the fallen angel Lucifer tricked him there to serve as guardian to Hell's entrance. He was freed by the Lappish witch Saara and helped her in her quest to fight the Father of Lies and help the former angel Raphael. Following this, he resumed his searching, and was eventually (in 1977) led to a Taoist teacher named Yung Chung-jo. Yung Chung-jo could not satisfy the dragon's quest, but he did give him a prophecy: that he would find both his master and the truth he sought, but that he would also lose all that was his. The next morning, Oolong awoke to find Yung Chung-jo dead-- and himself in human form.

Eventually the now-human Long made his way to San Francisco, following other words of Yung's prophecy, and there he waited. After six years as a human and three years in SF, he found himself transported to Taxon. *eerie Twilight-Zone musiiiiic*